Friday, June 23, 2006

inspired by the chocolate bar...

most of you must have seen or heard of the new LG chocolate phone (KG800). i'm a die-hard supporter of nokia phones (more so because i'm so used to nokia's navigations that i just can't adapt to other brands - esp. the sms functions).... so i have not really caught on the craze for the chocolate phone, though the red-lit touchpad buttons do look kinda cool.

many of my colleagues, esp. the everything-korean-addicted folks, have been seriously lusting after this phone. then, one of my male colleagues was lucky enough to receive a brand new chocolate phone on his birthday last week *wow* - check out his new baby ;)

i applaud his friends for their creativity... this sure is a much cheaper version of the real LG chocolate phone.. *lol* and it really "slides" too... plus it's edible (reminds me of the cadbury tv commercial - fantasy world where everything's chocolate-made). *hums after the jingle* "... wouldn't it be nice?..."

oh btw, there's a pink chocolate phone and white chocolate phone too, both of which i prefer over the original chocolate phone.

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