Saturday, June 03, 2006

"c" for cupcakes

someone posted a link on this very interesting cupcakes-for-order website on cozycot - ccup. the cupcakes selection is quite limited at the moment, but the presentation is so very pretty and retro-chic *thumbs up*.

with prices ranging from S$3 - S$7 per mini cupcake (min. S$30 order required), this sure isn't a daily luxury to enjoy. nonetheless, a good effort and nice new concept in singapore.... hope they'll find their niche and do well.

if you're interested to order, best to do it soon cuz they're having some introductory-promotions till end june. oh, and do check out the free desktop wallpapers for download too - very sweet and retro! i like!

ps: when it comes to sweeties, my favourite site to drool over mouth-watering pictures is still harry & david! (thanks to carolyn for recommending that site)... wish i could try them sometime, yummy! don't those chocolates and cakes simply look heavenly?!!

another ingenious creation from harry & david (see images below).... can you believe these are real cookies?? nope, they're not just some colourful decorations or icing on the cake, these are real-edible-lemon-cookies! too sweet to be true! :9

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carolyn said...

What a coincidence that there is an online cupcake store in Singapore now. I sure want to try. But hard to buy 4 of a kind just to try different flavors.

Maybe I need to have a cupcake party at my place, with all the girls. Hehe.