Saturday, June 30, 2007

oooh cupcakes! :D

i pre-ordered cupcakes from sherie some weeks ago, and finally they were delivered right to my workplace yesterday (for our company BBQ party) - YUMMY ;9
my colleagues had been dying to try these cuppies for the longest time, so when we started planning the BBQ, they specifically requested for "cupcakes from celest's friend" *lol*. and when they caught the first glimpse of how pretty & cute these cupcakes are, all of them went "WOW! so pretty!" hehehehe...

of course, sherie's cuppies are not just pretty, ok? they're tasty and full of home-baked goodness too! light creamy buttercream-icing topped on not-too-sweet moist chocolate bite-size cake... mmm... it's very hard to just stop at one... :9
luckily i ordered enough to go round the office and then one set to bring home for my family! even my mum who's not a big fan of baked-stuff enjoyed them too!

good things must share right?
interested folks, please email sherie at maameemoomoo[@]gmail[dot]com :)

sherie: suki LOVED her special b'day girl cupcake! she said the doll was so pretty, she almost couldn't bear to eat it.. hehehe. THANKS for the yummy cuppies!


^cherie said...

THANKS for ordering dearie!! :)

carolyn said...

Sherie makes very good and pretty cupcakes :D