Sunday, June 17, 2007

toki idol

i love tokidoki - personally own a few pieces of tokidoki for lesportsac - they're just so cute and unique :)

but if we're talking about serious collections, these ladies will show you what that truly means...

check out the TOP 10 FINALISTS here

Pulse - a fashion store based in missouri, usa - has organised a "Toki Idol" contest. the person who submits the pic. showing the most impressive tokidoki collection will win for herself one new bag for each of the final 3 tokidoki-prints in the line (yes, tokidoki-LSS bags will cease production by end of 2007). the winner will also walk away with a trophy + reign as the "Toki Idol" for an entire year.

you may or may not be a fellow tokidoki fan but join in the fun, cast your vote too! it doesn't cost you anything... so do it now! :) results will be announced on 7 july 2007.

and while doing so, marvel at the a-m-a-z-i-n-g stash of tokidoki bags each of them owns..... wow. wow. wow.

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