Sunday, July 22, 2007

pocket mints with personality (and a mirror)

i love all things pretty and cute (who doesn't? just that some people are able to control their excitement better) lol... so when i first chanced upon these adorable mirrored-slide-tin mints from little i early-2006, i knew i had to go grab myself one. FYI - it was actually a male ex-colleague who spiked my interests on this. he got the original plain black version, and i just loved how cute it looked with the mirror hidden inside (it's a great way to carry around a pocket mirror without being too intentional) ;)

very soon, little-i came up with more packaging options - personality slide-tins (i got the "flirt" and "hottie" ones!), limited edition christmas-tins (i grabbed a bunch to giveaway as christmas gifts last year), and more recently started to appear at watsons stores here - the equally chic flip-top-tins.

this time, my aunt beat me to it... she was the one who introduced the flip-top-tin-mints to me and mum (looks our high "cuteability threshold" runs in the extended family lol).

here are our new little i mints - available in 3 flavours: original peppermint, citrus, chocolate (sugar-free and tasty) :9

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