Wednesday, July 25, 2007

THINK: to plastic bag or not...

(courtesy of ceecookie on youtube)

i first saw this live earth short film (tv commercial) on mediacorp channel 5 monday night, right after "desperate housewives". simple production but very interesting and memorable - lasted almost 3.5 mins :)

this clip got us all talking about it at work the next day, and today i finally found the full clip on youtube *yay* - so here it is... courtesy of ceecookie.

i wonder why this short film is no longer available on MSN live earth site, it's certainly a great conversation piece - i like it :) nonetheless, do still explore the MSN live earth site - lotsa climate-crisis-related discussions, videos, photos and resource links. if you like, download some pretty wallpapers too!

.... and while doing so, take a few moments to consider the environment and think how we can change some habits and contribute too.

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