Saturday, August 16, 2008

must-haves for girls! ;)

came across a small feature in the Life! section of The Straits Times paper today, and upon further googling around, found these super duper cute tool kits made for women! if i have my own house, i'd certainly get one of these tool kits for vanity's sake *lol*. well, i'm sure having my very own set of handy tools (in PINK) would so make any handy work around the house much more appealing! imagine fixing up your own D-I-Y ikea furniture with these pink cutsies... ooh chic and cool! and maybe once i pass my driving test, i should get myself one of those car kits as a reward ;)

so pretty just to look at, aren't they?

hello dolly hang-it-up kit (mini tool kit) US$49.90 | S$65.95
- 10.5cm (L) x 5.2cm (W)
- 20-in-1 screwdriver
- 3-in-1 level
- hammer
- tape measure
- assorted hardware (nails, screws, picture hooks)

hello dolly 30 piece tool kit US$79.90 | S$119
- 40cm (L) x 28cm (W) x 6cm (D)
- 20-in-1 screwdriver
- 3-in-1 level
- hammer
- utility knife
- 6" adjustable spanner
- 6.5" blunt nose pliers
- 3m measuring tape
- assorted hardware (nails, screws, picture hooks)
- scissors
- comes in its own slimlline pink case :D

the safety girl roadside emergency kit US$44.99 | S$59
- Space® brand emergency blanket
- safety light stick
- 5 bandages
- 2 antiseptic wipes
- instructions to change a flat tire
- instructions to jump start a dead battery
- emergency contact list
- accident record
- safety girl pencil
- purified water
- Ghirardelli squares chocolate
- Zox breath freshener
- lip moisturiser
- Gilead aromatherapy headache remedy
- Shout instant spot remover wipe
- Dove anti-perspirant
- Speedy Clean cleaning wipes
- 2 Dittie tampons
- emergency sewing repair kit
- professional nail file

more insanely girly stuff available on hello dolly website and safety girl website.

also available on local online store (reasonable pricing, includes local shipping).

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