Friday, August 08, 2008

new tokidoki - again!

the tokidoki-lesportsac collaboration had ended sometime last year, to the relief of many toki-finatics (yes, time to heal that big hole we've burnt in our pocket)... but the good (or bad) news didn't last long... tokidoki bags are now back with not just 1 nor 2, but 3 new line-ups for this year! :)

the first in the series - carnival - has just launched early this month, with a slightly toned-down selection of bag styles, more pricey, and sole-tokidoki branded (no more co-branding with LSS), though still manufactured by them. i'm excited - tokidoki bags are always cute, and so fun to stare/look at close-up... but looking at the carnival print and the new bag styles, i think i'll be safe for now. no serious lemmings - yet... though i really like the print section with the unicorns-merry-go-round, the cowboy, and the other of the cabaret ipod girl *lol*.. super sweet. a bacio style would be cute....

i'm more keen on the "eco" themed collection - eco mondo - coming out later this year :)

meanwhile, check out the interview with simone legno on karmaloopTV and catch a glimpse of the new, upcoming prints ;) see simone describe the way he creates a new character from sketch, scan, to the full works.. very cool!

btw, happy 08/08/08!


jackie said...

hi celest,

we're still trying to find out where to buy the new bags here in Asia - but yes these new bags are pretty cool!

celest said...

hi jackie,

yea, the bags are cute. do keep us updated on your blog with your findings :) i'd love to see them in person too.