Saturday, November 27, 2010

the polar bears have swum their way to Long John Silvers

gotta check this out if you:
  • love the white fluffy polar bears
  • are a huge fan of coca cola and all things coke
  • enjoy Long John Silvers
i haven't stepped into a Long John Silvers restaurant for the longest time. in fact i think i can count with one hand, the total number of times i've ever had food there. by fast food standards, it's actually not a bad place but somehow it just never comes up to the top of my list even when I do crave some fast food *shrugs*. i have to admit though, i do kinda like their salty crispy fries, the coleslaw and the extra crunchy flour bits they throw in whenever you order fried stuff :)

this evening, i passed by a Long John Silvers restaurant after running some errands, wasn't thinking of getting anything there but the promotional pullup banner at the entrance stopped me in my tracks. it said - purchase any combo meal, upsize your drink, and get one of the featured coca-cola-branded stuffed polar bears for only S$1.80! :) yea, i know... i really don't need another stuffed toy, but the picture of those cute little palm-size wintery white fluffy bears with their festive red scarf, fleece hat and coca cola bottle in hand, just made it so hard to resist, you know? hehe. so i succumbed and walked right into the restaurant... figured i could have a mango fish wrap combo for dinner anyway.

just look at him, isn't he super uber adorable? wouldn't you be tempted if you saw it too? ;)
promotion started today (27 nov), one new bear each week.... so hurry down to your nearest branch, and collect all 4!


alvin said...


You willing to sell your coke cola bear? M willing to buy from you if you really don't want.
Contact me at 91393588 to discuss price. M willing to pay $5 or more...

celest said...

hi alvin: thanks for the comment. i'm keeping the bear though, that's the only reason i stepped into Long John Silver that day :) hope you'll be able to find yours elsewhere soon.