Saturday, July 02, 2011

Watsons pink ribbon walk 2011

the annual breast cancer foundation pink ribbon walk is here again... and Watsons continues to be the anchor sponsor for the 2nd consecutive year, bringing us the Watsons pink ribbon walk 2011.

i was excited to receive the e-newsletter call for registrations earlier tonight but am quite disappointed when i found out that the organisers have decided to do away with the competitive run this year! also, together with the change in venue from the past two years' big splash @ the east coast park to the waterfront promenade @ the marina bay, the distance is now reduced from the original 5km to 3.2km :(

not that i'm exactly an athletic sportsperson, but the BCF pink ribbon walk/run has, over the years (since I first took part in october 2009), become my annual motivation to train and prepare myself to complete the whole course. even though the inaugural pink ribbon walk back in 2008 did start out without the run component, but as the competitive race got introduced in 2009, and carried on in 2010, the decision to suddenly revert back to a "walk only" event in it's 4th year, just doesn't seem to make much sense in terms of progress for an annual sporting event.

i guess i can understand if the organisers decided that it's more important to make this an opportunity to cheer on the breast cancer survivors, and encourage them to participate in a fun walk, hence the rationale in reducing the distance and intensity of the activity as well as the competitive nature of it, but i can't say that i'm equally enthusiastic about this year's pink ribbon walk.

i wonder what were the real reasons behind BCF and the organisers' decision to make such changes (including the change in timing from morning to evening) to the annual affair. anyway, now i'm in two minds about this whole thing, i do like the new location at the waterfront promenade, scenic dusk view and all... but i'd very much prefer to participate in the 5km run. oh well, i shall give myself some time to think over it, and decide if i'll still sign up just for continuity's sake.

date: 1 october 2011 (saturday)
time: 6:00pm
venue: marina bay waterfront promenade

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