Friday, July 09, 2010

Watsons Pink Ribbon Walk & Run 2010

the Breast Cancer Foundation's charity walk / run is here again. switching up its sponsor this year, the event is now called the Watsons Pink Ribbon Walk / Run 2010.

last year's pink ribbon walk / run was my first ever experience at a charity walk.. it was fun, and i've decided to continue and make it a mini tradition for myself *smile*. this year, instead of signing up for the leisure walk, i've decided to attempt the 5km competitive run :)

i'm not a competitive sportsperson, but i think this will be a nice achievable challenge for myself, a short-term goal to look forward to, a birthday milestone (since the run is exactly a week away from my birthday this year).

so, i have less than 3 months to train up.. time to hit the tracks more often now. i'm actually quite excited.. *smile*.

FYI - this year, they're opening up the run to male runners too.
  • what: Watsons Pink Ribbon Walk & Run 2010
  • where: Big Splash @ East Coast Park, Singapore
  • when: 2 October 2010, Saturday
  • time: 8:00am (5km run) / 8:45am (5km walk)
  • usual price: S$45 (5km run) / S$30 (5km walk)
    - sign up early to enjoy early-bird discounts
  • URL: event details / signup here
sherie: please signup too? :)
anyone else?


maameemoomoo said...

heeeeeeee... i'd love to!

but buttt.. ok okiee, u'll be the first person i'd text if i sign up k? ;)

celest said...

haha.. ok! let me know.
i reallllllly don't wish to do this alone ;)

Chow Chow said...

I wanna join u, Celest!

celest said...

yay! Ashley, sign up too! pretty please *bats her lashes*.. lol.

and.. Sherie??
what say you?