Sunday, May 13, 2007

final tokidoki print - vacanze

word has been going around that tokidoki for lesportsac will be releasing its final print (vacanze) in late-october this year. this will be the last of the tokidoki-LSS frenzy started by designer simone legno in spring last year.

i'm pretty sure this won't be the last of tokidoki though - these cutesy japanese anime-like characters will probably continue to show up in different forms of co-branded products other than lesportsac.

meanwhile, if you're looking to grab a few collectors' items (before they're gone forever), here's the remaining line-up for 2007:
- spiaggia (hawaiian/beach theme, as seen in pic. above - new in stores)
- famiglia (july)
- tutti (july)
- trasporto (august)
- vacanze (october)


Anonymous said...

I cant get enough of TokiDoki!

Anonymous said...

Im in love with all the newest TokiDoki designs !