Sunday, May 13, 2007

finally - i'm blogging again!

i've been trying to blog for the past 2 - 3 nights without success. kept getting the same error message on blogger whenever i tried clicking on the "create new message" tab:

Blogger Problem
This server is currently experiencing a problem. An engineer has been notified and will investigate.
Status code: 1-500-19

Please visit the Blogger status page or the Blogger Knowledge Base for further assistance.

initially i thought blogger was experiencing some temporary server problems, but when i noticed other friends being able to blog and my problem seemed to have lasted longer than it should, i searched around for help on the blogger forums.

turns out that many other bloggers have been experiencing the same problem too. someone even identified that the problem seems to affect only bloggers who are singnet users in singapore. for now, the cause of the problem is still unclear but someone managed to find a temporary fix (thank you geniuses!). so if you're also in the same boat, try this solution - works for me:

You have to apply Manual proxy settings on your web browser.
The more detailed instructions as follows:

For IE 7.0 & below:
Tools -> Internet Options
Click on "Connections" page tab
Click on "LAN Settings" button (if you are using Broadband)
Check "Use a proxy server for your LAN ..." checkbox
Click on "Advanced" button
Under HTTP type, input "" for proxy address and
"8080" for port
Click on "OK" button 3 times to confirm changes

For FF 2.0:
Tools -> Options
Click on "Advanced" tab
Click on "Network" page tab

>From the "Connection" frame, click on "Settings" button

Select "Manual proxy configuration" option
Under HTTP proxy, input "" and "8080" for port

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