Tuesday, May 01, 2007

smells good, looks good, feels good...

gap's website named 3 good reasons why you should check out their latest bath & body products.... simply because they: - smell good - look good - feel good.

now, let me add on a 4th reason.... because they sound good too :) with "scent-sational" names for each collection, such as "island hop", "rain check", "love shack", "sugar snap", "peace train", "night fall".... don't you wanna bring some of them home too?

ps: carolyn - now you can splurge the money you saved from the origins bath products on these instead ;)

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carolyn said...

Aarrrghhhh....my weakness! I have not found a scent I like from Gap since Dream. Still my fave scent - white orange blossoms and freesia (I think).

I don't think the $40 saved can go a long way :p