Saturday, February 02, 2008

m.a.c cosmetics with fafi

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i'm not a huge fan of m.a.c cosmetics but i'm always tempted by packaging...
like this upcoming collaboration with grafitti artist - fafi. pretty interesting, erh? :)
i like the iridescent powder (topmost - right side) and the little purses...

i first heard of fafi in mid-2007 when she jointly launched a limited-collection line of bags and accessories with lesportsac - fafi for lesportsac. some friends find her drawings somewhat trashy or even "scary". i guess it's cuz fafi's girls are not the typical sweety-dolly type. still, i tend to get attracted by colourful illustrations like fafi's or my fav - jordi labanda. if m.a.c. ever ties up with jordi labanda, i'll definitely get my hands on them.. hehe.

check out more details on m.a.c fafi on temptalia.

ps: just read on cozycot forums that singapore is one of the locations (16 feb) for the official m.a.c. fafi world tour 2008 - for more details, check out ck tangs website.

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carolyn said...

I saw more of the collection online and noticed there are 2 LE blushes. *gasp* But luckily, my want for cosmetics have dwindled down so much that I am not really tempted at all. My current obsession with bags, wallets and shoes are taking up my spare time now ;p

Psst...I think I have way too much time on hand now to surf a lot. Lol.

I like jordi labanda bags though.