Saturday, February 02, 2008

sophie kinsella's new book and shopaholic movie! *finally*

yay! look forward to more hilarious girly moments from sophie kinsella's new stand-alone novel - "remember me".

having just recently finished reading her lastest (5th) from the shopaholic series - "shopaholic & baby", i'm all ready to welcome her new book coming late-feb 2008 :)

oooh and what's MORE exciting: the very first shopaholic movie is FINALLY coming this fall/autumn 2008. yay! it's gonna be an all-girls-get-together movie night ;) simply can't wait!!

psst: isla fisher IS the official shopaholic girl - she'll be playing rebecca (becky) bloomwood in the 1st movie titled "the secret dream world of a shopaholic"! hmm.. i wonder who'll be her charming luke brandon... what do you think? *wink*
>> heads-up on other casts here.

sophie kinsella shares her latest news:

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