Saturday, February 23, 2008

the hopeless romantic quickie ;)

i've always liked the too faced quickie chronicles make-up palettes.
haven't had the interest to buy new make-up for a while... but "the hopeless romantic quickie" palette just looks so sweet, pretty and oh-so-romantic :)

this 2-layer palette comes with a sultry retro-illustration-cover, and features seductive hues of too faced quickie eye shadown, blush and lip gloss. best of all, the colours all look so wearable and pretty (subtle rosy pinks and neutral tones)!
guess i wouldn't mind adding this to my make-up collection ;) - US$29.50

too bad, not available in singapore...


carolyn said...

The quickie chronicles always look so pretty and nice. But I so rarely use mine. So far I have collected 4 :p

celest said...

hahaha.. don't just collect, use them! i've got 2 now.. the cupcake (full-sized) and the mini chronicles - the sure thing.

in fact i'm using the mini today, love how wearable the colours are and the makeup is very fine...
i even love the subtle vanilla scent! pretty and usable.. what's not to love? :)