Tuesday, April 29, 2008

a decade of glamour - by too faced

i enjoy spotting/hunting down quirky and cute stuff, especially on girly items like handbags, makeup, clothes and accessories etc.

too faced is one of my favourite to-watch cosmetics brand, not just because it's not available here in singapore (somehow things not within reach demand a higher perceived value :P), but more so of its very cute and fun way of putting things together - ie. the packaging.

check this out - a decade of glamour beauty wardrobe makeup kit/palette (US$40).
nice bronzer pattern *smile*.. and such interesting packaging, feels almost like you're buying a barbie doll!

(images from sephora.com)

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carolyn said...

I so agree on TF packaging. I was so tempted to buy lots of TF stuff when I was in Sephora cos the packaging was so cute. Similar to the wardrobe thing.

Actually, now is the right time to go back to States and buy :p I miss Sephora.