Sunday, April 06, 2008


folks and friends around me will know that i have a penchant for cute, prettily-packaged, sometimes not-very-useful things and ornaments :P well, i just have a soft spot when it comes to that. can't explain my obsession... but who doesn't like beautiful things? :)

i had never heard of the kimmidolls until i saw some displayed behind the cashier counter at takashimaya. yes, i was on my way to pay for some items and had to do a re-route the moment i caught sight of those ornamental dolls :P i might have been able to resist buying one, if these dolls didn't look so adorable, and each comes with their own "life's true value" attached to it. *lol*.. yeah, big sucker i am.

i would have loved the "choya" (butterfly) doll but since i didn't find it, i brought home instead "yoko" - a pink-dressed mini doll (S$12.90) with a crew-cut hairstyle. she's adorable. according to the attached collectors' card, "yoko" represents "positive" and is supposed to send positive vibes to her collector... so that's not a bad thing :)

for more information, and to see the complete set of dolls, check out some nice gift ideas....


^cherie said...

Oh my, they are really adorable!!

Do we have to buy something before we can purchase these dolls? Do they limit it to 1 per person?

celest said...

yup, they're so cute :)

btw, these are sold at the gift section within taka (#B1), not over the cashier counters.. so it's not a purchase-with-purchase thing. you can buy the entire set if you wish.. hehehe.. no limit ;)

let me know which one you got, if you did buy!

Anonymous said...

yes, they're cute, but not as good as Momiji!

Anonymous said...

I think they are amazing and are a bit more classier and funkier than the momiji dolls, i think the momiji dolls are a bit juvinille,

Anonymous said...

i live in Australia they are came out a few weeks ago i think
but yes the moment i layed eyes on them i cant resist and bought one
i have three atm.
Sai - Talented
Satori - Insight
Sachi - Joy
xo d

celest said...

congrats on your new kimmidolls, they're really adorable. enjoy! :)

prezzies plus said...

I have recently bought the Ayame kimmidoll and it is really fantastic, i want the whole collection now, so im jealous of your dolls - they look fab though!

Lyn said...

wow! I didn't knw they have been ard for so long already. I got to know about them only recently and bought 4 of them last night. Read from their website that there're a total of 31 characters and I want to collect ALL of them. :)

celest said...

Lyn: thanks for dropping by. yes the kimmidolls are real adorable. congrats on your purchases.. and more to come ;)