Wednesday, April 30, 2008

tokidoki flash drives!

wow! talk about cute...

friends and family will know that i'm a tokidoki fan, and that i love tokidoki-for-lesportsac multi-purpose bags :) thanks to davis for sharing this link, we now know that tokidoki has USB flash drives too! *lol*.. so cute!

>> tokidoki for mimobot designer USB flash drives

i'm not sure if i need another flash-drive (i already have 2)... but these tokidoki ones are just too adorable! i like meletta mimobot most! wish they had those with the signature tokidoki girls too...

priced from US$39.95 up
, each of these tokidoki cuties even comes pre-loaded with "goodies":

The tokidoki for MIMOBOT collection comes preloaded with an exciting personalization suite of tokidoki desktop icons, wallpapers, avatars, the MIMOBOT SoundByte™ application....."

hmm... quite tempting, huh? :P

PS: if you're not as keen on tokidoki designs, check out the complete range of mimobots, you're bound to find one you like! (eg. star wars series)

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carolyn said...

Hmmm....I wonder how Davis came across that link :p I much prefer the Philips-Swarovski flash drives. More bling and more Davis' style too ;)

You wouldn't say no to the tokidoki flash drive if someone gave it to you, right? One can never have too many ;p