Tuesday, February 24, 2009

fifi lapin for lesportsac

even though singapore's weather is Summer all year round, Springtime is still an exciting time to be in. just look at all those pretty, colourful, cheery fashion items and accessories that are being launched this time of the year. given that most of us are trying not to splurge on unnecessary indulgences in the current economic climate, the materialistic temptations are still undeniably a challenge sometimes.

let's take a look at the new lesportsac Spring collection.
we had fafi for lesportsac for Spring 2007, and this year it's fifi lapin for lesportsac :) adorable bunny prints (and new bag styles too)!

check out this little lunch bag (snack sac - USD18), isn't it the cutest thing around? barely launched and it's already all sold out on the website.

i can't wait to see the actual print in person when the collection comes to singapore in March. lesportsac prints always attract me... though tokidoki for LSS was still my greatest love of all. meanwhile, do drop by fifi lapin's blog and discover her interesting illustrations, including this bogetta venetta inspired entry.


atelier said...

I can't wait either!

celest said...

hi atelier, i actually got to see the actual prints in person yesterday. it's really cute, and the snack pac is quite a bit bigger than i had expected. i would have loved a smaller pouch in this but they only produce very limited styles in this print. a pity.