Wednesday, February 11, 2009

pooch-print gucci tote?

if i had seen someone carrying this in the streets, i would have instantly thought it's a fake. but it's NOT.. it is a real gucci - guccioli range - piece! (oh well, so much for my keeping up with fashion trends) :P

i like cute stuff in general, and honestly this design wouldn't actually look so bad if it weren't on a gucci monogram print. i guess i just can't get around the association between something so cartoonish cute with gucci's "G-print" canvas. it's just wrong pairing. i suppose in times of economic lows, even luxury brands have to break out of the box...

retails for USD730 on
guccioli charms also available.

ok, now this other bag is just too scary...
why would anyone want to carry something like this? (and pay so much for it)
take a look.

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