Saturday, October 03, 2009

the pink ribbon walk 2009

today, i did my very first charity walk in my entire life - the reebok pink ribbon walk (in support of the breast cancer foundation - BCF). not exactly a big feat but still a first anyway :)

my day started real early at 6:00am this morning (terribly early for a saturday, since i usually catch up on sleep over the weekends) ;) nonetheless, it's a really great way to start the day, especially for a good cause.

met irene at the Eunos MRT station around 7:30am and took the free shuttle bus to The Big Splash @ East Coast Park (ECP). the bus came very frequently, one in every 5 - 6 mins which was really good, since everyone were rushing to reach the ECP around 8:00am.

when we arrived at the venue around 8:05am, the competitive runners were already waiting to go at the starting line right by the beach. too bad i didn't make it there in time to cheer on my other gf who took part in the run, only saw her when she's back at the finishing point. most of the competitive runners completed the 5km route in under 30 - 45mins.

the mass walk started next at 8:45am - ladies and gents, young and old, some with dogs, some trendy mums pushing their baby strollers.. it was an interesting mix of walkers. it was also really nice to have a companion to walk with, the weather was great (slightly cloudy + nice sea breeze), we chatted and shared stories with each other as we brisk walked through the crowd. it took us about 1 hour to get back to the finishing line. irene even did a mini triumphant pose at the finishing line lol.

this was definitely a pleasant experience for both of us, it was fun.
now i'll consider trying the competitive run next year :)

october is the breast cancer awareness month, if you'd like to support the cause or make a donation to BCF, here are some interesting ways to show your support and spread the word:


^cherie said...

thank you for roping me in, girl! an eye opener for me definitely. like you, it was my first! :)

Anonymous said...

hey how can you missed out the most important player in the whole walk? She is someone extraordinary from normal young and old mix walkers hahaha...and thanks for including me in your story haha...

celest said...

Sherie: you're welcome. i'm glad you participated too. ok, next year let's aim to run together ;)

Irene: haha, i figured Ris Low has got enough coverage in the news lately, i shall spare her pic. here :P but she did mention her participation at the Walk in one of her recent interviews here.