Wednesday, October 07, 2009

singapore tv commedy - sayang sayang

i'd only managed to catch some odd episodes of this local tv drama serial - "sayang sayang" - from the 1st season, as well as the just-ended-tonight 2nd season "sayang sayang 2". even so, this is actually one of my more favoured local tv series from mediacorp channel 5, light-hearted, sweet and funny in a heart-warming manner. i find the modern peranakan (straits chinese) theme interestingly portrayed by the cast (though some of my nonya colleagues disagree), a very different style from that of channel 8's former "little nonya" blockbuster.

one other thing that i really like about "sayang sayang", is the show's very dick-lee's style theme song - which i don't even know what the title is :) nothing fancy, just a lovely, soothing and touching piece.

so, enjoy...

(courtesy of nonyalover123 on youtube)

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