Friday, October 02, 2009

sweet sweet dreams..

saw this on vie couture - the loveliest sexiest sweetest lingerie from victoria's secret.
soooo beautiful and looks soooo comfortable! gorgeous soft lace v-neck matched with romantic dusty/rose pink satin, complete with ultra feminine pleated ruffles offering just about enough coverage to show off your legs....

i LOVE this!
oh, did i mention i love all things pink+brown/nude? *yum*

this is definitely a treat both for the lady wearing it, as well as the very fortunate companion of hers in the bedroom ;) sweet sweet dreams guaranteed for both...

so tempting, you'd want to get this satin romper (USD58) in both colours available - rose bloom or sugar plum.

ps: vs models are always so HOT, everything looks great on them :P

1 comment:

cherie said...


US$58!!!! *faint*

but yes, it's sooooooooooo gorgeous! somehow, i do wonder if normal beings like us could look as good in it too! Hahahahahhaahaha...