Tuesday, April 26, 2011

harajuku lovers - G of the sea

me likey this!! sooo adorable! :)
should i, should i not?

too pricey though.
i would get this if they have it in the smaller 15ml version.
to add to my tiny collection of the small HL fragrances *wink*.

sooo cuuuute...

edited to add: good news, fellow H.J.L. fans! this limited edition mermaid "G" is now available in Singapore! :) in fact, to my surprise, they have actually brought in the 15ml version of it too *woohoo*. as i had promised, i went ahead to get myself a 15ml bottle of this at a 10% discount ;) original retail price S$38, available at Takashimaya shopping centre fragrance department. go get yours now!


>_ said...

Is so cute, may i know where can i get this in singapore?

celest said...

hmm.. i actually have not seen this in Singapore. if they do bring it in, the major departmental stores (eg. Metro, Takashimaya etc.) would carry it.

celest said...

update: i did finally see the mermaid "G" on our shore. in fact, to my surprise, they have brought in the 15ml bottle of this too *bliss*.

i grabbed mine at the last 10% sale at Takashimaya - original price S$38 for the 15ml.