Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my new uni STYLE FIT multi-colour pen :)

there is just something about pens, writing materials and stationery... that makes people like me go a tad bit crazy and out of control. lol.

blame it on the colleague who wanted to stock up on some stationery, we popped by Evergreen stationery store after lunch today, and alas! i had to spend S$12.65 on a single writing instrument! *tsk tsk* :P

people who know me should know NOT to tempt me by taking me to a stationery shop or any place where you can find lots of unnecessary but too unresistably adorable little items.. hehehe. my weakness. sigh.

anyway, i have no idea how long this range of Uni STYLE FIT pens has been available in the market, but the concept of it is all so cool, and appeals much to someone like me who just can't resist switching my pens every now and then, changing the colours, and be surrounded with all things pretty, even around my desk.

so this is how it works:
1) select one of the 3-pen or 5-pen empty plastic barrels that come in several colours, prints and designs (plain, metallic, polka dot, ribbons etc.)
- honestly, this was what really got me :P

2) then customise your own barrel with the ink refills of your choice - pick from thickness of 0.28mm, 0.38mm or 0.5mm

3) of course, there are many many different ink colours to choose from - pinks, reds, oranges, greens, blues, browns, violets, black etc.

take your pick, mix-and-match, and voila!
that's how easy you can splurge over S$12 in an instant, just the way i did ;)

ok, now would you please just say WOW to my new pink girly ribbon-polka-dotted multi-coloured pen *wink*.



miss ene said...

I saw this pen yesterday and was sooo tempted to buy it too! But I resisted :)

celest said...

haha.. good for you! i just couldn't resist :P it's adorable, at least useful too :)

Anonymous said...

nice review... i simply cannot resist it and spent around $60.00!!

celest said...

haha, congrats on your new pens!

well, some people spend $60 on makeup, some spend $60 on clothes, some $60 on gadgets or a performance or a fancy dinner. if the same $60 gets you the same amount of happiness, or even more, who's to stop you from doing so? ;)

JJ said...

I lost my useful uni fit pen last week, just wondering how I can get a new one without going to the stationery shop in Funan centre. Thanks for the info, I know there is an evergreen near my house :)

celest said...

hi JJ,

that's great! glad that my post was of help to you :) btw, i was at kinokuniya bookstore (ngee ann city) - they're available there too, some tempting new designs as well. hope you can find your refill at the evergreen near you :)