Monday, April 04, 2011

just a happy monday.

it's a happy day today.
you know... one of those seemingly ordinary days, but you just can't help smiling every now and then without an apparent reason.

  • ok, maybe it's because i had an enjoyable, relaxing weekend - spent time with good old friends, met some new friends, had some sumptuous and satisfying meals...
  • maybe because i got to chat with a good old friend via whatsapp over the weekend.
  • maybe because all that good wine i had at sunday lunch is only beginning to take effect now.. lol.
  • maybe because i woke up much earlier this morning than i usually would, so it felt that i had a few bonus hours to myself.
  • maybe it's because the much dreaded client meeting this morning actually went better than expected.
  • maybe it's just one of those very rare mondays when i actually don't feel super stressed or pressurised by multiple deadlines all at the same time (at least not for today *smile*).
  • maybe once in a while, God decides to just grant you an unconditional special happy day, so that you'll remember how wonderful it is to just feel happy, and that urge to smile silly to yourself.
whatever it is, i just want to remind myself what a sweet feeling this is.
that's why i'm posting this here, right now :)
perhaps this may bring on a little smile to whomever reading it as well.

ahh... bliss *smile*.

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