Thursday, January 05, 2006

brain on strike

crappy day at work.
the company is restructuring and everything's in a mess. upcoming projects and work start pouring in, but instructions are also coming from all over the place, really really messy. no one knows who to report to or who to listen to. one moment A says to do this, the next moment B says otherwise. hate the situation.

i decided this morning, that i shall go on strike. not the kind with big red signages or set some flags on fire.... strike in the sense of just shutting down my brains and refusing to acknowledge all that work piling up right in my face. department boss was supposed to gather all of us for a proper briefing and task allocation at 4pm today, but didn't happen... postponed till 9:30am next morning. so that's how long my brains will go on strike. i will not get myself involved in the project planning and operations until i hear from boss what exactly they have in mind for us. i just don't like to work in this mess. i'm sure other colleagues are feeling this too. there has to be a key person to give the headstart. don't know what's going to happen. really can't bring myself to work.

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