Wednesday, January 04, 2006

waiting for hair to dry

when i told S. i started a blog, he commented that it's gonna be another "won't be followed-through" project. ok, granted i did have the initial intention of blogging just for the experience of "been there, done that". NOW i shall try to keep this alive just so to prove him wrong :P also to challenge myself.... let's see how long i can sustain this blog. who knows? it might just get interesting :)

it's 1.14am now.. feeling so sleepy and it's a working day tomorrow, and meetings.... *sigh* had a late shower after watching CSI miami on CH5, so have to stay up to wait for my hair to dry (nope, i don't like the idea of hair-dryer).

i'm proud of myself today. being the 100% super shopaholic, it's remarkable how i managed to curb lemmings for 2 items today:
- resisted that cute victorian handbag from zara sale (saved S$49.90)
- resisted joining an online spree for the new dallas blusher from (saved US$26)

*pats myself on my back*... very good, shall keep up with the good work, only buy practical items for now, so that i can save up more for my "US-shopping fund".. hehehe... cleveland, here i come!

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