Wednesday, January 18, 2006

sneezy day... ahh choo.. *sniff*

don't know what's up today... been sneezing all day, in office, at the mall, over dinner, and even now at home. think i need to post this up and head off to bed and get some good rest. must be PMS.. near that time of the month again. my already-terrible pimpled face is seeing more horrifying acne and bumps.... all thanks to PMS and whatever other reasons i can't seem to pin-point.

i've finally made up my mind, will make a trip down east to visit the much-acclaimed dr. ong at maple clinic (tampines) this friday or saturday. i just hate to think of having to queue for 3 - 4 hours to see her. hmmm... hope this all would be worth it. i wonder what's causing the sudden breakouts on my face.... so sad to look at myself in the mirror these days. plus chinese new year is less than 2 weeks away, don't think my skin will recover in time. the other girls commented that results will only start to show a couple of months later... some even waited more than a year *faint*(and breakouts will be more serious during treatment phase, as it supposedly purges out the toxins - yikes!).

anyway, i brought dad to G2000 to buy him a shirt for CNY - big sale! it's so funny... he's so unwilling to spend on unnecessary clothes, took him close to an hour of careful selection and trying on a few shirts, before FINALLY settling on a maroon-navy-coloured striped collared-shirt (close to 60% off). i'm happy he managed to find something he liked (his first ever "branded" shirt.. haha)... came home and he tried it on again. looks great, matches perfectly with his grey pants. he said he'll wear that on day 1 of CNY :)

now i have to bring mum shopping sometime, so she won't get a chance to call me unfair.

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carolyn said...

Glad your dad got something from G2000, bring your mom to U2, then we can get the mother-daughter thing :p