Friday, January 20, 2006

MAC tint toons - tinted lip balm

i set myself on a "no-makeup-buying" challenge sometime back, and i'd been good... didn't buy makeup for a while. think i had gotten over the makeup phase (although i suspect it's just temporary, while i shift my focus to other items such as bags/ clothes :P).

broke my makeup-ban today. was very tired, and not feeling very well at work, so went straight home after work. but i got a gf to buy the new MAC tint toons in - coquettish clarice and daisy daze on my behalf :D i couldn't help it.... they're simply too sweet & pretty (see pic. for yourself!! who could resist such lovely packaging?), and i guess lip conditioners (that sooth your chapped lips, offer SPF 15 protection, limited edition disney prints etc.) are not exactly bad investments... hehehe.

anyway, this shall also curb my spending urge and keep me away from those cosmetics counters for another while. thanks carolyn! will catch up with you soon to collect my loot. i shall use my new tint toons TLC during chinese new year! yay!

ps: good news, last night i tried applying some diluted tea-tree oil (from the body shop) directly on my pimples, and this morning... the bigger ones seem to have tamed down a little. i re-applied some more before going to work. *fingers crossed* hope this will continue to be effective and save my skin from those yucky bugging spots :)

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