Monday, January 01, 2007

have a blessed 2007 :)

it's the first day of the new year 2007 - things have been great so far :) as you have read in my earlier post, i came home late (or rather, early in the morning) after spending countdown night with close friends, managed to catch a couple hours of sleep, before going to my colleague's house-warming tea-party. the food at the tea-party was really good, we had don's chicken pie, chocolate truffle cake from chocs *yumm*, biscuits with garlic butter spread, and of course the yummilicious chocolate fondue (with fruit dips) - thanks to mel for the thoughtful christmas gift i received last night. my colleagues were all green with envy *hehehe*... chocolate rules!

i came home in the evening, whipped out a brand new bottle of shower gel from victoria's secrets (just wanted to pamper myself with a new scent even though my current bottle is still "unfinished").... took a long warm shower and then did a mini 30-min. DIY facial on myself - applied a creamy scrub mask, followed with a moisturising leave-on mask sheet and eye gel pads. the result - heavenly! my skin feels so dewy, moisturised and just happy :) *hee*

so glad it's still a non-work day tomorrow. gotta really take a good sleep tonight and get all rested up before the new work-week in 2007 begins. before i end this post, just wanna share some pictures of my christmas pressies received in 2006... not to show off, but to thank all for your thoughtfulness :)

have a blessed happy new 2007.

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