Saturday, January 06, 2007

a special visitor

yesterday, we had a special visitor in the office. my new colleague was doggie-sitting for her neighbour, so after seeking everyone's agreement, she brought our special guest to the office.
meet 3-year-old golden retriever - cookie. he's such a sweetie! well-trained, super-friendly, mild-tempered and likes wagging his tail at everyone. even the little girl next door couldn't help squating outside our gate all day long just to get cookie's attention and play with him :P

boss said this doggie's a "de-stresser"... so throughout the work-day, everyone just took turns to go out to the backyard and ruffle up cookie's fur... hehehe, our excuse to "de-stress". we love him!

too bad cookie's only able to hang around for one day, we'll certainly miss him!

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