Saturday, January 06, 2007

victoria's secret PJs

we all know that victoria's secret sleepwear are somewhat overpriced, but somehow almost every girl i know wants to own at least one item from this label too :) maybe it's all that hype, maybe it's because we can't get them here, maybe it's because they look soooo pretty on the website.... whatever it is, these new PJs sure caught my attention and now i want them too!

check them out:
aren't they pretty, girly and sweet? :)
i esp. adore the "pink dots" design, those are real pearly accessories sewn all around the neckline, so cute! black-pink colour combination is perfect too - genius! *lol*

priced at USD$29 per set (on sale now)... if there's a VS spree happening soon, think i might get that if still available :P

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Olivia said...


Im organising a VS Spree closing soon, so do drop your order off with the details stated in the blog k! I have orders already and i'm hoping to meet the $250 cap! Dont miss this amazing sale! Check out: Thanks!