Monday, January 01, 2007

happy new year 2007!

time flies, it's been exactly one year since i posted my first words on celestial. just came back from a cozy new year eve's countdown bbq gathering at a friend's place. time now is 6:19am, i've just showered and getting ready to hit the sack.

some words...
it's been quite an unforgettable year, i feel i've grown up. there have certainly been some setbacks in year 2006 but through those experiences, i've also learnt new things and have become a stronger, better, more appreciative person. things do change and there is nothing wrong with changes, we just have to adapt and learn to look at the "half-filled" (instead of half-empty) side of things. keep on pursuing better things and greater heights; but at the same time, be content and appreciate what you have.

in the new year 2007, there are new goals, new resolutions, new dreams i've set for myself. i hope it'll all turn out good and may true happiness find me :)

here's wishing all a wonderful new year 2007, one where no challenges are too tough to overcome, no fears unbeatable, no dreams unachieveable, nothing impossible if we try our best.
may we be surrounded with love, peace, good health, good luck, good fortune, family and friends always.

cheers - to a truly happy new year!

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