Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a whole new realm of computing - microsoft surface

if you were impressed with the idea of the future of internet searches mentioned in my blog yesterday... then you HAVE TO watch this video clip.

turns out the idea was not so much "in the future", but in a somewhat different way - has arrived.

(courtesy of che2guevara on youtube - featured video from

introducing the all new microsoft surface computing (launched in may 2007) - computing has never been more fun and integrated into our lives.

the features are so intuitive and physically-engaging, and its possibilities... amazing! (to some extent, even scary... especially the fund transfers/payment capabilities). anything and everything wireless can be and will be connected! the ease of files/images transfer between different devices is just awesome... and totally k-e-w-l!

my colleague said it's like "having a big ipod touch but on steroids..." lol.. very true.

touchscreen technology is nothing new, neither are wireless devices and technologies...
so why didn't i think of this before?? :D lol...

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