Thursday, March 20, 2008

more on becky and luke...

found more pictures from the "confessions of a shopaholic" movie set...
i guess i was trying to convince myself there must be at least some redeeming factor to the movie cast (vs the characters created in the shopaholic books), but the more i read/see, the more disappointed i get... *sigh*

this is becky and luke??!! what were the producers thinking?
becky never came across as a fashion disaster... and look at THAT supposedly special and significant denny & george scarf (that is IT? so understated.)

more pictures here.

ps: and hugh dancy looked just the way he does... not "luke-ified" at all. so sad - i'm sure that leaves many unsatisfied luke brandon fans.

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Aggieb said...

Actually I have grown to like Isla. Watched her in Definitely, Maybe and she is very charming and definitely leading actress material. But this pic!!! I am horrified. Becky should be a fashionista! Never a clown. *HUGE SIGH* It's nuts.