Saturday, October 11, 2008

it's a story book.. it's a box.. it's.. it's a camera?

fredflare has some of the quirkiest merchandise on their website. i like that.
you know me, those cool-looking, sometimes not-very-useful but prettily packaged stuff :P

now, check out this super-cool camera. it looks like a story book or some toy box.. but flip it open, it's actually a real camera in disguise! how interesting!
i even like the pastel green colour, deers and bunnies prints on it :)
not exactly expensive at USD55 but i don't think i'd be running to get it (unless i see it in person at a retail store and just have the sudden urge to spend). certainly fun and a definite conversation-piece, just not very practical. works with 110 film.

while you're on the site, don't miss this ikimono mini keychain 110 camera (USD22) too *lol*..

the japanese are just so creative and the king of kawaii-ness! very cute!

other very original "camera" items on

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