Thursday, October 09, 2008

my cakes galore!

it's a cakes galore for my birthday this year :)
i've got not one, not two... but TEN cakes for my birthday today *lol* (tiny ones)

i've already had my advanced birthday celebration lunch (our tradition) with my colleagues last thursday - a joint-celebration with my boss (he's also an early-October born) - at the
penang place buffet. since we were having a buffet, we didn't get a cake as we'd be stuffed after lunch anyway. so no cake that day.

today, it was regular lunch at the foodcourt near our office... surprise came after lunch. boss and his wife bought a variety of mini cakes from canele, stuck a candle in one of them, and everyone sang me a birthday song.

it was a nice simple celebration... and everyone's happy to share the tiny cakes too (mix of tiramisu, green tea, strawberry, lemon meringue, chocolate brownie, creme brulee etc.). they were pretty and yummy, not too sweet, not too rich, just-right size. i even had some extras to bring home to my family.

then when i got home, mum had one more mini cake from bengawan solo waiting for me... hehe... sweet of her.

so that's my perfect 10.
10 mini birthday cakes for this year.

there goes my waistline :P


jaihui said...

happy belated birthday... i think your mum is the sweetest, she even bought a cartoon cake for you.

celest said...

thanks :)
hehe yes. nowadays she does things like that, sweet lor.