Saturday, October 11, 2008

oh wow! fantastic deal - too faced collection!

soooo wish this collection was already available when i was in seattle last month... i would have snapped this up in a heartbeat! what a FANTASTIC deal.. 8 x too faced quickie chronicles minis for less than USD60??!! WOW.
(edited to add: price on further reduced to USD30 - OMG! but it's out of stock now)

not to mention, i have always loved too faced quickie chronicles palettes (original size or minis)... they're soooo adorable and retro. plus, the fact that the palettes come with pre-matched eyeshadows and cheek colour, it's a no-brainer compact makeup on-the-go.

i really really love this collection! what's more, at this incredible price, these mini palettes would make perfect stocking stuffers for christmas.. ooh.. *sigh* what a pity.

limited edition sephora-exclusive offer, in celebration of its 10th year anniversary.
see more coveted deals here.

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