Wednesday, October 22, 2008

juicy loves sephora

juicy couture always makes the cutest stuff - from handbags, to clothes, pouches, jewellery charms, trinkets, fragrances etc. so when they tied-up with sephora to offer limited edition "juicy loves sephora" items, you can imagine how i almost suffered a heart-attack just browsing the pages!

motives of cute cuddly terriers, royal crown, pink, gold and brown (all my favourites)... it's no wonder i fall for them time after time. well, i guess the adrenaline rush will do my heart some good.. hehe. it's a good thing they're not readily available here in singapore, saves my pocket some damage.

not counting the juicy couture-"inspired" camera case i got from bangkok earlier this year, the only item i have from this label is the travel-size EDP fragrance i got from seattle recently :) love it to bits... comes with a cute little charm too - mine's the "terrier" charm version, the one shown on features the new "cupcake" edition.

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