Monday, May 10, 2010

Aaron Kwok was in my seat!

last friday, my colleagues knew i was going to head back to the office late to pick up something, and look what a 'surprise' a few of my prankster colleagues left behind for me...

kudos to them, i literally jumped when i switched on the lights and saw a guy seated at the corner staring at me. lol.

they knew i used to like Aaron Kwok (郭富城) in my early teenage years, so they made a life-size printout of his face and palms??! (haha) and then dressed 'him' up in my red hoodie sweater with my office slippers right at his invisible feet *tsk tsk*..

i must say they had done a pretty good job with this, didn't they? it did look real at first glance especially in the dark office, very life-like and i sure got freaked out for a bit *smile* hmm.. i wonder where they had gotten those track pants from...

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