Tuesday, May 18, 2010

re-create our vision, fellow librans

just logged on to my iGoogle and here's my horoscope reading for today.

By Rick Levine
Even if ultimate gratification remains elusive, you can see the big difference
that your attitude makes as you process your frustration today.
It's quite rewarding when you can live out your dreams,
even if they are simple and straightforward.
But the final outcome is up to you, so consciously recreate your vision
so it's not so far beyond your reach that it feels hopeless.


hmm.. looks like i should really start entertaining my thoughts of taking random days off from work just to rest and do nothing, or a short getaway. something "simple and straightforward". *sigh* i need to do that. so many things to do day after day, so many hours spent at work. and this morning, i was just wondering what's the purpose of my life.. what am i truly living for.

one of those days...

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