Saturday, May 22, 2010

have you played the Google pacman game? :)

thanks to a friend's SMS notification, i logged on to Google homepage just few minutes ago, and played the Google pacman before typing this. i'm not a good gamer, my pacman 'died' 2 times before i finally managed to dodge all the monsters and eat up all the pac-dots to complete the course. final score 3750 :P

so why is there the Google pacman game today?

"Google celebrates Pacman’s 30th birthday (anniversary)

The reason for the Google Pacman logo is that Google is celebrating Pacman’s 30th anniversary
." (more on social media SEO)

happy birthday, pacman!

today's Day 2 of the Google pacman and it will be here only for 48 hours (ie. it'll be gone after Saturday), so hurry to Google homepage and have a go at it before it's too late! :) btw, there's a hidden Player 2 Ms. Pacman in the game too.. use your WASD keys, go figure out ;)

check out other recent interesting google logos too:

- sesame street 40th anniversary (7 days)
- winter olympics 2010 (16 days)

ps: if you didn't read this post in time and missed the Google pacman, stress not. you can still play the free online version - pac-match party - on

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manuel said...

You can save your record pacman google on this page

before the google pacman logo go away !!!