Thursday, May 06, 2010

sometimes i forget...

sometimes i forget - just for a tad moment - how much i like certain things :)

i'm not quite as crazy over tokidoki in recent 1 - 2 years but that doesn't mean i've completedly weaned off tokidoki.. hehe. in fact, i'm still very much 'in love' with tokidoki, i just don't spend as much money on it, more like secretly admiring it from far nowadays.

i was just randomly browsing the web and decided to drop by tokidoki website to see what's new up there. my last bag purchase wasn't that long ago, i bought myself a tokidoki with my 30% Play Imaginative birthday discount just last October.

anyway, i found some new merchandise on the site.
now i have my eyes on these - minibots thumb drives and handbags.. *oops* ;)

the mini watercolor print is quite pretty, isn't it?
i like the
Nobile and Elegante style most.

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