Wednesday, April 25, 2007

butterflies in the rain?

just sometime last week, my colleagues and i were on our way out to lunch and saw some yellow butterflies "crossing the road" at the traffic lights. the sky was getting a little dark, so out of curiosity, i asked, "what happens to butterflies when it rains?"

of course, no one really did give that a serious thought... i got some funny answers from my colleagues, some wild guesses, some ridiculous nonsense... in the end, we came to the conclusion that perhaps butterflies have some kind of "sixth-sense" that helps them foretell the weather, so that they can go hide under some plants or bushes before the rain starts to fall.

anyway, this evening it poured cats & dogs as i was making my way out to the bus-stop (heading home). the rain was so so heavy, the brolly didn't even help at all. by the time i got to the bus-stop, my capri pants were already wet up to my knees. and just as i was nudging myself towards the dryer corners of the sheltered bus-stop, i saw a frail white butterfly caught in the downpour! *awww* it was quite a heart-wrenching sight - the helpless little creature fluttering with all its might, struggling against the ferocious rain to stay in mid-air, attempting to find somewhere dry and safe. i watched it for a while, quietly wishing that it'll be able to make it to that tree some 10 metres across the street (wonder if it could see that far?)... then i lost sight of it.

sure hope it survived the ordeal.

since we're on the topic of butterflies, check out this guy - Landersz's amazing photography works on flickr. i chanced upon his pictures on "butterflies & moths", really awesome stuff! try viewing in "large image" option - so intricate, so beautiful! :)

some of my favs. (i) a stunner (ii) leafy-looking (iii) got the blues


^cherie said...

I've read about this before.. "what happens to butterflies when it rains" but er, i forgot what the answer was already.. :P

Will let u know when i manage to find the article :)

celest said...

ok, that'll be good. i'd like to know if you can find the article :) thanks!