Sunday, April 01, 2007


the blog-tag is a game "invented" by jeff pulver to tag and link people up in the big wide blogosphere. just been tagged by cherie (slightly modified version).. so here's my answers to her tag:

1. i'm a perfectionist...
to some extent. i like things to be in perfect order, so i have the tendency to do things half a beat slower than most people. as a student - i liked my pens placed in a certain order in my pencil case (all tips pointing up); at work - my documents, stationery, mugs.. even the namecard box have to be arranged in a way that pleased me; at home - my bed must be made in a certain manner, pillows and blankies arranged nicely. BUT that doesn't mean my all my personal belongings are in perfect order. in fact, some parts of my bedroom are a complete mess! if i'm too tired or lazy to start putting something in perfect order, i'd just let it get messy and rather not look into the details at all (it's like temporarily switching off the "perfect mode"). guess that's what happens when you have a lazy-perfectionist. there are only 2 buttons to toggle between - "perfect" vs "utter mess" :P

2. i freeze at the sight of cockroaches
ok.. this may not be new to most of my close friends. i am terrified of cockroaches, to the extent that mentioning them eeks me out sometimes. i had several terrifying encounters with them since childhood.. when i had to spend the entire night sweating beneath my blanket on super hot humid nights (i'd rather sweat to death than to remove my only form of "shield" between that creature and me). whenever one of those flying creatures get within my radar, i literally stop functioning - can't move, can't sleep, can't think, can't eat, almost can't breath. just last night, one huge cockroach flew in through the living room door and fluttered into my bedroom entrance. i froze. all i managed to do was grab a towel, throw it over my head and wrap it around my shoulders & body. and since it was near my door, i couldn't risk making a dash out. i ended up using my mobile phone to call my mum (at our home phone number) and asked her to come over from her bedroom to rescue me. NOT the least bit funny to me, mind you.

3. i can eat almost anything (savoury-type) with chilli (esp. belachan chilli with dried shrimp *yummy*)
i love all things spicy. i've already cut down a fair bit in recent years (all thanks to my gastric problem). i used to spread belachan chilli on homemade ham-&-cheese toast, add them into my soup, congee and maggie mee (instant soup noodles) :P i still do that occasionally whenever i need a stronger flavour.. but really, more controlled now.

4. 30 mins - my average shower time
i know it is a long time, but that's honestly how long i spend in the shower. it is my personal time to cleanse, relax, unwind and pamper myself... so i suppose there's nothing wrong, right? my shower routine: get wet - shampoo - throughly scrub and cleanse body (with bath towel) - apply conditioner to hair - brush teeth (while waiting for hair conditioner to set in) - rinse off conditioner with cold water - finally, wash face with cleanser - towel dry - apply leave-in hair conditioner - tone/moisturise face - (optional) apply body lotion :) i get quite stressed when i wake up late in the morning and have insufficient time to shower :P

5. i sleep with...
3 stuffed toys in bed. i even gave each of them a name *hehe*. 2 of them just sit by the corner near my pillow, while the doggie-beanie one (my fav.) - i hug almost everynight (fyi - i "bathe" the doggie in the washing machine together with my bedsheets). too childish for my age? maybe... but i don't care :P

6. i love to take long walks
i am not an athlete, i can't run (lack of stamina).. but i love talking long walks - the kind when you're not in a rush, not under the hot scorching sun. love it most when it's dark and cool, slightly breezy and the night's not completely quiet yet. best to unwind and people-watch.. feel everyone's pace slowing down. that's why i enjoy the 10-min. walk home from the bus-stop every evening after work. recently got bitten by the "walk-bug" again and took a slow stroll all the way from wheelock place (orchard) back home - 40 mins... pretty therapeutic :)

ok, now i'd like to pass the baton on to carolyn - tagged you, your turn!

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