Saturday, April 07, 2007

in the easter mood

it's easter sunday tomorrow, so i wanted to do something nice for my colleagues before the long weekend. saw these cute easter-themed m&m's figurines on wednesday night, so quickly grabbed one in each colour/design just right before the cold storage counter closed for the day :)

i fondly remember those years in primary school, when we'd have school-wide easter egg hunts every year (convent girl school's practice). even though i never once came close to finding "the eggs", it was still a lot of fun.

so i went to office exceptionally early on thursday morning and went around to hide the m&m's at different places - under the desks, in the document cabinets, behind drawers, beside printers etc. after that, i left a note on everyone's desk telling them to go search around the office for their surprise. hehehe...

it turned out more fun than i'd expected. everyone (including boss and his wife) were really serious in their hunt. they went up and down the stairs, rummaged around the house, opening cupboards, sliding drawers.. hehehe.. it was fun for me too, seeing how they enjoyed the little fun - the occasional stress-breaker.

happy easter, everyone!


^cherie said...

Awww.. you're so nice!!

I would love to have you as my collegue, if i'm working that is :P

celest said...

hehehe.. well, it's just a small token to brighten up everyone's day. we all get little surprises every once in a while too, don't we?

i'm sure you get that a lot from your boys too :)