Wednesday, April 25, 2007


lately, i've turned into a workaholic... been going into office earlier than other colleagues (i used to be one of the last few to show up), and leaving later than anyone else - working till wee hours in the morning (like now - 12:45am).

i have to admit it's extremely tiring and taxing on myself (i hate that pimple on my forehead) but i know i have to do it. i want to do it well and get the project launched in time with a big bang! it is stressful, especially with the added frustrations of having to work with someone who doesn't turnaround and deliver work on time, but somehow i know my hard work will eventually pay off, and if i put in enough effort, hang in there through it all... things will work out well.

a few more days - i keep telling myself. there are many other projects that i've set aside and have been sitting on for a while, not sure when i'll be getting another restful break even after this - but for now, i'm just fueling myself on the adrenaline rush, the kind that you get when work gets done, when you do something well - or at least, the prospect of it. it gives me a temporary "high"... and that keeps me going.

of course - some loving, some good company, warm words, shopping and cupcakes (i'm getting some from sherie soon *wink*) would certainly help too! :)


carolyn said...

DO take care and don't really over-worked yourself and be burnt out. Are you joining us for shopping this Friday? - retail therapy ;)

^cherie said...

Aww.. hang on in there. Hope your project will be a huge success! ;)

Will look u up when i go HV next week or so.. Yeah yeah, cupcakes for you soon!

Thank you for your unceasing support on getting me started. Think u have more faith in me than i have in myself! Appreciate it :)

celest said...

carolyn: think i'm close to burning out :x
just trying to take little breathers now and then to stay sane. but i'll be fine..
retail-therapy sounds great, hmmm... gotta see how my schedule works out on friday first. keep you posted.

sherie: your cakes and pastries have always been much-raved, not just by me - so don't doubt yourself, if you start something, we'll all support you :)